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๐ŸŽ“ About the ACCluster

This Cluster was founded due to the fact that all official Servers will be permanently deleted in September 2023. This Cluster allows Players to move over who loved the official Setup and Lifestyle. It started with Players from official Servers who contacted us (IFNetwork, a Community Management Organization) and claimed that they will soon lose everything because Wildcard is permanently deleting all official Servers. The Players offered us money so that we could help operate a Cluster in the style of the official Server and maintain it for many Years without negligently endangering the existence of the Players.

So we took this wish to heart and launched the โ€œACClusterโ€ Project. With the help of the funds we have provided powerful Servers and created a very powerful and secure Cluster. We have also put together a Crew that will take care of the concerns of the Players and the maintenance of the Servers to the best of our knowledge and belief. We have also made it our task to keep the Cluster fair and free from Cheaters. There is nothing worse than Players who don't play by the Rules and we will ensure that such Players have no place on this Cluster! We are for fair-play (this is how all our Communities do it) even if we don't participate directly in the Game as the ACC Staff is strictly forbidden to play at the Cluster. Because Admins can also negatively influence the Gameplay if rights are abused. Therefore we have a strictly logged rights System and Rules for the Crew. Check out our Knowledgebase for more details.

With this in mind, we wish you a pleasant stay at the ACCluster and keep surviving!

By the wayโ€ฆ
Also, please don't forget that this Cluster depends on Donations to continue to exist as it does. We don't want to introduce any Shops or have to finance this Server in any other way. Every Euro you donate will be used for this Cluster!

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