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Cluster Rules

Below all the Rules that apply within the ACCluster and which you automatically agree to by playing on this Cluster!

🔸 General Rules
§1.01 The Instructions of ACC Staff (Admins) must be followed
§1.02 Cheating, Glitching, Griefing and Bug abuse is prohibited
§1.03 Spamming, Capslock writing, advertising in Public Chats or Profile is prohibited
§1.04 External modifications to the Client that are not made inside the Game using the Settings, are not permitted
§1.05 It is forbidden to imitate other Players, Tribes or Alliances (to use the same names)
§1.06 Refrain from using the name 123 as Account Name to camouflage yourself
§1.07 It is not allowed to use ACC/Admin as an Account/Character Name

🔸 PvP Rules
§2.01 As an experienced/strong Player, refrain from destroying Beginners
§2.02 Massive destruction of other Buildings for no reason is not permitted
§2.03 Toxic Players who spread bad vibes everywhere are undesirable

🔸 Build Rules
§3.01 Blocking Spawns and Obelisks for others is strongly forbidden
§3.02 Building inside Mesh or hiding Stuff inside Mesh is not allowed
§3.03 Avoid spamming the Worlds with Trash builds
§3.04 Blocking resource-rich Areas is not allowed

🔸 Dino Rules
§4.01 Avoid tamed Dino Spam at the Maps and use Pods
§4.02 Don't give away dangerous Creatures to inexperienced Players

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