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🕊️ Donations keep the ACCluster healthy

The ACCluster is funded primarily through Player donations. Each Player can make any contribution to promote the longevity of the Cluster. Below is all the data you need to make your personal contribution to the ACCluster.

🎁 Rewards

Each Donor gets a one-time reward once a certain amount has been donated. Below the list of possible Rewards. Please claim your Reward at our Discord in ⁠support-english or ⁠support-german if you think you haven't received your reward. It is possible to collect all Rewards over time!

🔸from € 50 total
you get Sunglasses Skin, Discord Role “ACC Beta Tester”, “ACC Donator” for 1 year

🔸from € 100 total
you get Fan Ballcap Skin, Discord Role “ACC Beta Tester”, “ACC Donator+” for 1 year

🔸from € 200 total
you get ARK Tester Hat Skin, Discord Role “ACC Beta Tester”, “ACC Donator++” for 2 year

🔸from € 400 total
you get Captain's Hat Skin, Vampire Dodo Swim Bottom Skin, Discord Role “ACC Beta Tester”, “ACC Donator King” (Permanent)

 NAME ACCluster
 IBAN DE70100110012625669826
 Please make sure to enter your Discord Displayname as the purpose of the transfer!

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