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Q.: I got raided offline even though it was against the Rules?
A.: We are aware that some Players ignore this “open” Rule against Offline Raids. However, we have noticed some good and strong Players who are also chasing such Players. Furthermore, Players who constantly raid other Players offline will also be permanently banned by us after a warning. Normally we would also like to introduce the Offline Raid Protection [ORP], but this feature also has many opportunities to be misused to become unraidable. Therefore, we always have to carefully consider all steps to ensure a constant, undisturbed flow of the game for everyone involved. You can report Offline Raids inside the Support Channel at the ACC Discord!

Q.: Do the Cluster Servers reset from time to time?
A.: No, we try everything in our power to prevent existing Worlds from being reset. We know that a lot of work and time of the Players is in it. Therefore, all Worlds also have secure external Backups that are performed every 6 hours. However, in extreme cases (malfunctions, errors) it can lead to small rollbacks.

Q.: How reliable is this Cluster and how is it funded?
A.: The ACCluster is organized by IFNetwork (Community Management Organisation) and is a Project for Players who have lost their homes on the official Servers (September 2023). The Servers run with fixed contract terms and are constantly being extended. The whole thing is currently being financed by donations from Players and from the IFN Community Fund. Check out Donate for details on how you can help!

Q.: Why doesn't the Cluster use Mods for special Features?
A.: There will be no Modifications (Mods) for Security and Stability Reasons (no-wipe-concept)

Q.: Will the ACCluster get Ascended?
A.: No, this Cluster was founded due to the fact that all official Servers will be permanently deleted by the end of September 2023. This Cluster allows Players to move over who loved the official Setup and Lifestyle.

Q.: How do i change Worlds with my Character?
A.: All you need to do is visit an Obelisk or Supply Crate. When you open the Interface you can select a Button in the middle to travel to another World in the Cluster. You can also take your Inventory and Equipment with you. It is also possible to store Items (including Pods) in Ark Data for up to 48 hours!

Q.: Will there be more Worlds in the future?
A.: No further Worlds are planned. However, the Scorched Event World may change over time. However, this would be announced in the (beta) news over a longer period of time!

Q.: Do ACC Admins also play on the Servers themselves?
A.: No, Admins are Crew Members of the IFNetwork Community Management (IFN CM) and only enter Servers when necessary. Admins does have the Account Name “ACClusterCrew” (Char. Name: Admin) and tagged with a ⭐ (Star) and not allowed to play at the Cluster.

Q.: Why are there no Chat Channels on the ACC Discord?
A.: Since the ACCluster is a PvP Cluster, we reserve the right not to moderate wars/banter. Furthermore, there is a risk of information flow falling into the wrong hands. Players are free to set up their own Discord Servers as long as they don't advertise them here!


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