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Cluster Configuration

Below the Cluster Configuration, click here to learn more about how to connect!

  • 24H Boost active (running Events may change the following Values)
    • x2 XP Multiplier
    • x2 Harvest Amount
    • x2 Taming Speed
    • x2 Mating Interval
    • x2 Egg Hatch Speed
    • x2 Baby Mature Speed
    • x0.5 Cuddle Interval
    • x2 Imprinting
  • Balanced Concept with powerful Hardware
  • Wipe-free Cluster with external Backups
  • BattleEye Anti Cheat System enabled
  • Valve Anti Cheat System enabled
  • Crossplay is enabled (EPIC Games, …)
  • Tribe Log Details for who attacked you
  • PvP is enabled but please read the Rules
  • Corpse Locator is enabled (+30 Min. Lifetime)
  • Maximal wild Dinosaur Level is set to 150 (exl. Caves)
  • Tribute Upload/Download is enabled (48h Lifetime)
  • Tribes set to max. 6 Players (max. 1 Alliance possible)
  • Diseases are not permanent and get removed after respawn
  • TEK Engrams, Items & Dinos are disabled at this Cluster (NoTek)
  • Hexagon Store is disabled at this Cluster (kinda not Classic)
  • Player Join Notifications are enabled (Player left disabled)
  • Crosshair, HUD, Map Location & Third-Person is enabled
  • Gamma Modifications and Hit Markers are enabled
  • Structure Resistance got slightly increased (Balanced)
  • Structure Destruction Multiplier got increased (x8)
  • Max. 130 Turrets in Range of 10.000 Units allowed
  • Structures have an overall +50% durability and
    • Thatch buildings last 32 days
    • Wooden buildings last 64 days
    • Stone buildings last 96 days
    • Metal buildings last 128 days

:!: All Configurations that are not listed here are Vanilla / not changed
:!: You might also read our Story and how this Cluster got born to understand the philosophy behind it!

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