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Ticket Service

To contact us you will need a Discord Client.
You can download it for free at
Alternatively, you can also use the Discord's Web Client.

📡 ACC Invite Link or

Please read before creating a Ticket
The Channels for Tickets are named #support-english and #support-german.
Note that we can only process ACC specific requests.

First make sure that your Question/Concern has not already been answered inside the Knowledgebase. Please write your Question in one Message (editable) as only one Message/Ticket per hour is allowed. As soon as an ACC Supporter or Admin has time for your request, a private thread will be created. When your request is complete, it will get deleted after a period of time.

:!: ATTENTION: Don't share GPS data with your first request, this should be done in a private thread/conversation! You will always be contacted by @ACC Supporter or @ACC Admins. If you receive messages from other names regarding your request, ignore them.

:?: What are the reasons for contacting the Support?

  • Coverage of Offline Raider
  • Violation of the General Rules
  • General ACCluster related Issues
  • Report about Cheaters/Hackers/Glitchers
  • Someone is blocking Player Spawns at a World
  • Someone is blocking resource-rich Areas/Spawns
  • Stuck problems or Objects that cannot be selected

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