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World: Scorched Earth

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Stranded naked, dehydrated and starving in a barren desert landscape, even the most experienced survivors must quickly find water, hunt for food, harvest, craft items and build shelter to have any chance of survival. Use the skills learned on ARK's far-flung island to kill, tame, breed and ride the new creatures adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert, including… DRAGONS! Travel back and forth between island and desert to team up with hundreds of players in both worlds, or play locally!


Scorched Earth transports ARK players to a new land consisting of six unique desert-themed biomes: Dunes, High Desert, Mountains, Canyons, Badlands and Oasis; each with its own aesthetic and self-sufficient ecosystem. Survivors enter new territory to explore and master, littered with countless ruins, geysers and ancient cave systems.


Scorched Earth's biomes are filled with dangerous new creatures, and intrepid survivors will find that many of them can be tamed. Lead a caravan of camel-like Morellatops with others, or rain fire on your enemies from the back of an elemental wyvern. Watch your step though, otherwise you could attract a Death Worm!


With the resources they gather, the survivors can create various new clothing to combat the heat and new tools to help them survive in this desolate environment. Players can use whips, boomerangs, flamethrowers, chainsaws and more to protect themselves, or things like tents, wells, wind turbines and oil pumping stations to supply their base with resources. Used creatively, these tools can open up entirely new strategies for survival, self-defense, or epic tribal wars.


Prepare for dangerous electrical storms, blinding sandstorms and severe heatstroke and unleash the power of the Mysterious Obelisks to come face to face with ARK's deadliest creature yet: the beastly Manticore! Is he guarding a powerful weapon, a valuable relic, or even the secrets of ARK itself? Only survivors who have the courage to face this fearsome beast will know the truth.


Survivors can take their Character, favorite creatures and items with them between The Island and ARK's new desert to make their island-dwelling friends jealous with all the new items, structures, creatures and secrets they find in the desert.

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