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World: Ragnarok

Embark on a Journey across a 144km² land that combines elements of The Island and Scorched Earth and all-new Regions, giving you the ultimate survival experience. Whether the icy heights of the Mountains or the gathering of raw Materials on the edge of an erupting Volcano, Ragnarok offers both the explorer and the designer what they are looking for. But be careful! Ragnarok is home to Polar Bears, Ice Wyverns and a mythical Creature that has hardly been tamed by anyone in the ARK Universe. Ragnarok has some special features, including: its own Explorer's Notes, tricky Dungeons, final Bosses in Dungeons, active Geysers, unique raw Materials, new Regions, an active Volcano, Environments that can become Traps, Treehouses, Ruins and much more, embedded in a breathtaking World to explore.

Ragnarok contains…

  • A 144km² Map that can be explored largely on foot, but also by water and in the air
  • A variety of pick-up resources are accessible to Players, including Branches and Carrots
  • Buildable caves designed to be built within, large or small
  • New, unique variations of old ARK Creatures and a new Creature whose home is only Ragnarok
  • Build Platforms on Rocks or unique non-redwood Trees!
  • Large Regions that reward intrepid explorers
  • Realistic transitions that represent the environment more naturally
  • Challenging Dungeons that should be planned and prepared in advance
  • An active Volcano that produces large amounts of Resources in the form of lava Crystals during an eruption
  • Building sites on picturesque Hills as far as the eye can see
  • Ruins to explore and incorporate into your Bases
  • A huge Ocean with its own Ecosystem
  • Planned Desert Biom for finding and taming SE Creatures
  • Upcoming, unique Explorer Notes that hold the key to Ragnarok's secrets

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