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World: Aberration

Waking up on 'Aberration', an ARK abandoned and defective by its builders with an extensive Cave System, Survivors face new and exotic problems to solve: the harsh radiation of the Sun and other environmental hazards, Ziplines, climbing Equipment, Gliding Suits, housing in Caves, charging Batteries and of course Creatures that have adapted to life in the mysterious Caves. Then there are the 'Nameless', humanoid Creatures who hate light and who have evolved into dangerous Creatures thanks to the element. Aberration holds the final secret of the ARKs, and true Survivors will learn what the future holds for them!

:!: ATTENTION This World is rather difficult for Beginners. Traveling to this World is only recommended for experienced Players as the configuration on Aberration is slightly different and traveling back from this World can be difficult!

Exclusive Configuration:
- Gamma Modification is not possible in this World

and for sure…


Aberration: A new challenge on a broken ARK! After the Atmosphere of this ARK has largely evaporated, intense radioactivity and the areas of the huge Cave System dominate this World. Many dangers, Creatures and nature present a new World full of thrills to explore and master.


The harsh radiation on Aberration has caused incredible genetic mutations, creating Creatures with amazing abilities! For example, the chameleon-like 'Rock Drake', which can camouflage itself and on whose back you can sail through the air or climb up walls, the harmless 'Lantern Pug', which provides a little light, or the huge 'Cave Crustacean', which has several creatures can lift and throw through the air at the same time!


Aberration offers a variety of new tools that give you new ways to compete with your opponents or fellow Players. Roam the ARK equipped with a climbing Ax and Gliding Suit and with the help of Zip lines. Learn new Engrams to help you cope with the harsh environment: protective Suits, rechargeable Lanterns, Batteries, Glow Sticks and more. Survive with new Resources, use fish traps and Gas Tanks, and create a secure Base with customized Components and much more!


Radiation, Gas leaks, and earthquakes are just some of the dangers that Survivors in the regions of Aberration must face and overcome. But among the worst of all are the hordes of the indomitable 'Nameless' of this defective ARK, requiring constant vigilance and energy charges to defend against them. And at Aberration's lowest point, there's the terrifying, if familiar-looking, final Boss…
Will YOU be one of those powerful enough to face him in battle?

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