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Winter Wonderland

Christmas, a celebration of love and Gifts! Celebrate and hunt Gacha Claus and Raptor Claus. Collect awesome wild Creatures with special Colors as well as Skins and Chibis!

:?: What kind of wild Creature Colors can be found?

  • Jade, PineGreen, SpruceGreen, DarkMagenta, Glacial, PowderBlue, Teal, DarkViolet, Red, Green, Light Grey, Light Red, Dark Green, Dark Red, Dino Light Red, Dino Light Green, Dino Medium Green, Dino Albino, NearWhite

:?: What kind of wild Creatures can be found?

:?: What kind of Items can be unlocked?

:?: What kind of Chibis can be unlocked?

:!: During an Event it is also possible to obtain the Chibis from previous held Events!

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