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Scorched Survival

Are you ready for one of the unfriendly Worlds when it comes to survival? Then Scorched Earth is just right for you. Grab Manticore and put on his Armor and search for the legendary Phoenix in the vast Desert!

Exlusive Configuration:
- Player EXP at x3 instead of x2
- Using Gamma is not possible in this World
- Chat is generally limited to Local (+Tribe/Alli)
- Building in important places is largely prohibited
- All placed Structures can be permanently picked-up
- Supply Crates have an increased chance of good loot
- The Player Position Marker is disabled, use GPS
- There are no notifications when a Player joins
- Auto Structure decay/destroy halved

📌 Important
Traveling to Scorched Earth is possible during the Event period. However, be careful and plan your stay carefully. Once the event ends, Scorched Earth will disappear until the next Event. Therefore, it is important to travel back to the stable Worlds before the end of the Event, otherwise your Character will be trapped until the next time!

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