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Eggcellent Adventure

Ark and Eggs are closely linked and that's why we celebrate Easter every Year. You will have the opportunity to acquire many new Skins, Chibis, Emotes and wild Creatures with special Colors. As well there are special Creatures!

:?: What kind of wild Creature Colors can be found?

  • Magenta, Light Green, Light Yellow, Light Orange, Light Red, Dino Light Brown, Dino Dark Brown, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Dino Medium Blue, Turquoise, Light Pink, Deep Pink, Peach, Mint, Teal, PowderBlue, Cream

:?: What kind of wild Creatures can be found?

:?: What kind of Items can be unlocked?

:?: What kind of Emotes can be unlocked?

:?: What kind of Chibis can be unlocked?

:!: During an Event it is also possible to obtain the Chibis from previous held Events!

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